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I am running for Congress in the 1st Congressional District Of Wisconsin.


There is a myth that the political class is indispensable to the governing of this country.  I reject this myth.  The greatness of this country is not found in Washington.  We see American greatness among the 300+ million Americans that live in this magnificent land.        

The American experiment – creating a society around self-rule – unleashed the individual creativity, problem-solving and ingenuity the likes of which the world has never seen before.  Our forefathers created a contract – the US Constitution – between the people of the several States and the new entity called the United States Federal Government.  In this contract, they outlined the roles of each party.  They did their best to enshrine in our Constitution the principles that would allow freedom to prosper. 

Because we are losing this concept of freedom and individual liberty, we decided to run for office.   

I am a father, husband, businessman, and US Army Green Beret combat veteran.  I want freedom for my family, my city, my district, my state and my fellow Americans.  

To accomplish this, we must elect individuals who respect the Constitution and who seek to serve not to rule.  We have a group of individuals in Congress right now who act like, and believe it is their right to rule.

2018 is the year to rediscover the concept of the citizen statesman.  A citizen statesman is the individual that goes to Washington and works to serve the interests of the people of his district.  After a few years he then returns to the private sector so that someone else can take his place.  Washington is not and should not be a career. 

In the military we had a saying, "you can delegate responsibility, but you cannot delegate accountability."  In the military, business, and life, failure has consequences.  In Washington, we seem to tolerate it. 

We cannot continue to elect those who believe their job is to rule not serve. 


No More.



As Americans, we need to demand that our elected officials return to their Constituional role.  They must serve and follow the will of the people.  I love this country and want to leave this country a better place for my son and the next generations of Americans, as do all of us.    

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Elect Nick Polce to represent the
Wisconsin 1st Congressional District.

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